Missionary Recruiter

About this Job.

It’s a commission only position. The job is to work with Churches, Christian ministries, and individual Christians all over the United States and recruit those who feel God is calling them to do missionary work so that we can help them to provide training and placement on a mission field. We offer training through a partnership with Austin Bible College.

Note that your job is not to push for a “sale”. Missionaries become missionaries not because someone contacts them but because they already believe God has called them to missions work. They would already want to do mission’s work before you contact them. So your job is not to make them want to do missionary work but to find the thousands that already want to do missionary work because they know God is calling them. When you find these, we train them, and send them overseas.

The idea is that you want to help them. It’s not that you want them to help you earn a commission.

The Pay (Commission)

The commission is $150 (One hundred and fifty dollars) per missionary that is successfully recruited for training and placement.  Don’t do this simply for the money. Do it because you want to be actively serving in ministry by recruiting missionaries that are trained and sent to the mission field.

How to do the Work

It’s a job that is done on your own time by recommending us and reaching out to churches and ministries and individuals. There are over 400,000 churches in the U.S and many thousand christian ministries. There are also thousands of Christians not affiliated to churches who looking for a good missionary agency to go and serve abroad.

We don’t encourage our affiliates to be pushy and trying to make a sale or get a conversion. The job is simply to meet and greet and tell them who we are. The following steps are appropriate:

1) Reach out to church Missions Pastors (or missions directors or whoever is in charge of missions)
2) Introduce yourself and tell them the kind of work Change Volunteer (www.changevolunteers.org) does.
3)Tell them how Change Volunteers can help them now or in the future. Many of these people are interested in overseas missions. That’s their job. A lot of them are usually looking for places to send their churches on missions trips. So this is likely a favor to them.
4) Tell them that if they ever needed that kind of service, they should contact you if they like how we work.
5) That’s it!

You are not going to inconvenience the pastors.

These missionary pastors are usually passionate about evangelism–that’s why they are missionary pastors. As evangelists, many of them have to walk up to perfect strangers, strike up a conversation or hand out tracts in order to tell them about Jesus.

All missionaries get training because they feel God has called them, not because someone has pushed a sale on them. So the job is not to sell but to inform.
These individuals who already feel called are looking for a good agency that they can get trained through and then go abroad to go and serve. Again, all you will be doing is telling them to check us out and see if we meet their needs.

Who is this position for?

This is a position for someone who:
– Wants to participate in the great commission (evangelize the world for Christ) and would like to work with a great agency like Change Volunteers to help people get trained and sent.

– Would not mind making a decent commission doing so. The Bible says a worker is worthy of his pay. Pastor’s get paid to share Jesus with people, to reach out and bring people to the church. You would be doing the same thing.


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