007 SD’s 2012 Vision Update

Posted on Aug 22, 2012 in Podcast

007 SD’s 2012 Vision Update

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Show Notes.

At the beginning of the year, we laid down a 7 point vision that we wanted to accomplish this year. In this podcast, I review our 2012 vision. I tell you about areas where we are succeeding, areas where we are failing, and areas where we need to do more work to succeed. These are the seven points discussed in the show:

1.0  TV – Shaping Destiny plans to host a weekly show on Christian television in the U.S

On this point, I note that we are working on producing  the shows. We have need of personnel assistance in this area. But by the end of the year we should have several episodes out and God willing some on the air.

2.0  Radio — Go on radio about the same time airing mostly the same content.

 We are going to use 3 Minute Radio shows that will include advertisements of our sites and who we are. We should start working on these shows soon.

3.0 Podcast – Produce them more frequently and work to increase circulation.
           We are having some modest success in this area.  This is episode number 007. By the end of the year we would be at more than 12 episodes.

4.0 Rank higher in search engines. Right now we don’t rank at all.

5.0 Serve 1,000 new children in 2012.

We are currently selecting new foster care children in Cameroon. We have been slowed down by lack of personnel.
15 people this year want to pay tuition and care for kids. Last year was only a couple. With teaching the people to see the importance, we will help local people to become very involved

6.0 Serve in one new country

This goal is a very easy one to attain.  We have three invitations from three different ministries, one in India and two from African countries to come and join them to serve. We need to evaluate personnel and resources and pray to make decision.

7.0 Have a greater focus on sponsors in order to create a more balance community

This is where we are not succeeding as I discuss in the show.