Developing Leaders

“Everything rises and falls on leadership” John Maxwell

Two ways Shaping Destiny helps people shape their destiny are through 1) Poverty Alleviation (Orphans & Widows) and 2) Developing Transformed Leaders who will impact the destiny of their communities.

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1. Who are we developing into leaders?

  1. Entrepreneurs or people who feel called to start a for-profit business.
  2. Social entrepreneurs or people who feel called to start a non-profit organization and solve a social problem.
  3. Young Orphans between the ages of 13-25 who show an aptitude or desire for leadership.
  4. Anyone who feels called into ministry or non-profit service and needs coaching, mentoring, and guidance.
  5. Pastors in resource-scarce communities in Africa and around the world.
  6. Local foster and adoptive parents who need leadership and wealth creation skills to help them serve their families well.
  7. Young people who need help choosing a life-long career.
  8. Anyone who needs help finding out what their calling and purpose is.

2. How are we developing these leaders?

  1. Mentoring – Life-on-life, daily mentoring. For people with little experience or training in the field that they feel called to pursue.
  2. Leadership Education – Formal leadership education in partnership with Austin Bible Institute. We help sponsor selected pastors and ministry workers to get formal college level training in their areas of calling.
  3. Coaching – We provide coaching to people who already have significant direct or indirect (transferable) training in the field of their calling but need some help moving forward.
  4. Conferences / Seminars – We provide face-to-face and virtual seminars to help develop leaders.

3. How SD’s Leadership Development works

SD recruits accomplished mentors who have excelled in the specific areas listed above and matches them with qualified people who apply to get coaching, mentoring, career guidance, training, etc. SD partners with Austin Bible Institute to provide scholarships for free training. We also host conferences and seminars that are focused on leadership development and wealth creation and management.

4. How to apply to receive coaching, mentoring, etc

Interested in transformational leadership development? Contact SD via email or telephone to express your interest. You will be sent an application form to begin the process!

5. How to apply to become one of our coaches or mentors

Interested in pouring into the next generation? Contact SD via email or telephone to express your interest. You will be sent an application form to begin the process!