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Many people have a heart and passion to serve the poor and orphans but are physically unable to; that reasoning could be anything from work, family, or even physical health. There are also many people with those same passions that are able and willing to relocate but lack the financial support to do so. That is why we have made it possible for you to support/ give to a missionary! Without prayer and financial support missionaries would not be able to do the work that God has laid out in front of them; that is why it is important for those who are unable to relocate to support those who can. Both are needed in order to make a difference in God’s Kingdom.

For us to make disciples and serve the poor to the best of our ability we need to have a team of supporters that are dedicated to prayerfully and financially supporting our missionaries.

Our missionaries have chosen to live simply by giving up many of the wants of this world. Your support helps to meet their basic needs such as food and housing and allows them to dedicate their time to wholeheartedly serving the ministry wherever they can.

International Missionaries (Both short-term & long-term)

Local African Missionaries (all are long-term)

State Side Staff (living in the U.S.)

Many of our volunteers and staff are support-based, meaning they raise their own financial support to cover their salary and living needs. Support levels are determined by need and family size. As a partner in this ministry, please know that your support will truly be making an eternal impact in the lives of the orphans of Cameroon. Below you can make a tax-deductible donation to allow missionaries to continue to serve.

Reoccurring Missionary Gift  Special Missionary Gift