Job Descriptions for Staff On the Ground

It’s been said that “It takes a village to raise a child.” This is so true. In the past, the father worked and brought in the money to care for children. The mother stayed home and provided direct care. The village community provided the environment for the children to grow. The local doctor, dentist, the school teachers and other professionals also contributed their services in raising children.The family was made up of the father, mother, and the children.

For our orphans, we have two groups of people who serve as the parents to bring in the money and provide the direct care that orphans need.
The sponsors/donors – they take the financial function of the father.
The staff  –  they provide the direct care.
Our family – is made of the sponsors, the staff, and the orphans.

In family, if the father spent most of his time working to bring in the money and the mother stayed home to provide care, the mother bring the father to date with how the children are doing when the father came back. Communication within this family unit is crucial to its success. In the same way, for our family to be healthy and glorify God, we must take care of the sponsors, the staff, and the orphans. Each of these families members must be respected and taken care of. The sponsors are not to be treated simply as sources of money but as coworkers that need to receive frequent updates so they can continue to participate in prayer. We also have to pray for them daily as we pray for the orphans and the other staff. That builds a strong family that glorifies God and cares for orphans.

During training, one thing that we do is assess a persons Spiritual Gifts, Passions, Natural abilities and Skills (including education & other training), Personality, and previous life Experiences. [God does not waste a hurt.] When we finish that process, we match people to duties that they are gifted to do. We usually like to have five assistant orphanage managers on each team. There have shared responsibilities but also have different responsibilities that each individual carries out for the team.


Common Duties for All Managers.

– All assistant orphanage managers will be in charge of helping a group of kids with their home work /assignments.
–  Each Assistant orphanage manager will be responsible for improving the academic performance of their group of children.
– For helping them with issues of discipline & other issues.
– All assistant managers will attend a staff meeting every Friday afternoon during which they: 1) Evaluate the events of the past week 2) Plan for events of the next week, 3) Consider any changes, 4) Consider any new ideas that will help the work of the orphanage, the sponsors, and other staff. We have three key components of our ministry: orphans, staff, and sponsors. Our goal is to minister to all three components of our team. We cannot succeed in ministry without any of these three components.

The following descriptions of individual responsibilities are not exhaustive. I’m still adding to them.

Assistant Orphanage Manager in charge of communication.

– Websites — Write / Edit Content
– Newsletters q 3 months
– Updates about work from field
– Pictures of kids
– Supervise Kids writing letters to sponsors q 3 months. Letters go with pictures.
– Teach kids English writing skills
– Serve as orphanage historian / journalist recording key moments to report.
– Work with the other assistant orphanage managers and the manager to run the entire orphanage.

During the three month training, we may teach this individual how to use the following software programs:
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop.
Microsoft Word

Skills that they will learn will be taught will be: How to write newsletters and how to take good pictures.

These programs are extremely easy to learn and will help this individual to perform their duty of writing and making newsletters well.

Assistant Orphanage Manager in charge of Volunteers.

– Recruiting volunteers both locally & internationally to serve with the orphanage / movement.
– Communicate with volunteers through website / email
– Arrange pickup of volunteers from the airport.
– Coordinate volunteer orientation at the orphanage.
During training, the volunteer may need to learn:
– Word-press
– How to edit videos pee-professionally.

Assistant Orphanage Manager in charge of Fundraising.

 – In charge of leading activities that
1) Raise Funds both locally & internationally.
2) Help lead the orphanage towards self-reliance.
Skills to learn during training may include:
– How to research and write grants.
– How to raise funds.

Assistant Orphanage Manager in charge of Foster Care Affairs.

– In charge of Foster Care children…

Assistant Orphanage Manager in charge of Discipleship/Teaching.


Assistant Orphanage Manager in charge of Counseling.

– In charge of providing counseling and spiritual mentoring to both kids in the orphanage and outside the orphanage.
– Specialized training will be helpful in this candidate.

Assistant Orphanage Manager in charge of Healthcare / Hygiene.

– Focused on ensuring cleanliness at all levels of the orphanage.
–  Focused on preventing preventing the spread of infectious diseases like rashes etc among kids.
– Follow up on any sick kids and make sure they get appropriate treatment.
– Maintain or establish first-aid box
– Responsible for recruiting specialized healthcare providers to provide care – both as volunteers and for pay.

Assistant Orphanage Manager in charge of Nutrition/Feeding.

One person may hold two titles depending on the circumstances.