Jobs: Work With Us


Do you feel called to do something bigger than yourself?

SD is growing and needs talented and gifted people to join our team. We need both full-time staff and part-time volunteers. Our volunteers can either work virtually from their homes or come volunteer in our headquarters in Austin Texas. Full-time staff members are expected to work from Austin.

Open Positions

Here is a partial list of openings we have both virtually and face to face in Austin:

1. Part-time/Full-time staff needed in Austin Texas

Each of these positions are part-time, with the potential of full-time, positions based in Austin.

  • Marketing / Public Relations / Fundraising Director (Development Director)
  • Leadership Development Director

2. Year-round Volunteer positions, Part-time

Each of the following volunteer positions requires about 10 hrs per week of commitment for at least 6 months.

  • Human Resource Manager. This person will oversee programs and processes that systematically hire and retain employees, train and guide new employees through the onboarding process, and deal with all aspects of talent management.
    Needs experience in recruiting, hiring, training, and performance management.
  • Graphic Designer. Use Photoshop or similar professional image editor to create excellent graphics. Also design newsletters, brochures, and flyers with software like Indesign or a similar software.
  • Video Production Expert. Use professional video editors like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro to create short videos for marketing and other organizational needs.
  • Fundraisers. Set up fundraising campaigns within your circle of influence to benefit Shaping Destiny.
  • Online Marketers. Use social media as a tool to spread awareness about the work of Shaping Destiny.
  • Relational Marketers. Intentionally build relationships with people in one’s circle of influence to spread awareness about Shaping Destiny.
  • Accounting. Use QuickBooks to manage donations, expenses, and print reports.
  • Web site development. Need someone with expertise in WordPress, PHP, MYSQL, etc, to handle web development.
  • Writer / Editor. Need someone with experience in writing Christian education content and/or content for leadership development

3. As-Needed Volunteer Positions

You may also sign-up to be notified when we need volunteers for events like fundraisers etc.

How to Apply

If you believe that Shaping Destiny is the place for you to use your gifts and talents to make a last impact on the world, here are the first few steps you should take:

  1. Learn more about Shaping Destiny and better acquaint yourself with our mission and vision.
  2. It is generally wise to seek counsel from trusted leaders and those in spiritual authority over you, such as your pastor and others.
  3. Do some soul searching, fast and pray for wisdom and direction.
  4. Let us know about your interest in volunteering to join the Life Changer’s Team by filling out an application through the link below.
    You can also contact us for more information
  5. We will contact you to begin the interview process and you can expect to learn more about us along the way, ask questions, and be interviewed by several Shaping Destiny team members.