Children’s Needs

Posted on Apr 14, 2013 in general

Please kindly seek God to see if he wants you to be involved in helping meet the following needs for the children.

  1. Books and Learning Materials + Shelves to Store Them – $amount
    Our Transition Home is used for multiple purposes – some of the children in our program live here while they are being nursed back to health or waiting for placement with a local foster family, we hold meetings, parties, and/or training here for families or children in our program, etc. We’d love to have a small library with educational books and learning materials for our children to use while at the Transition Home. Donate to help further their learning experiences!

  2. New Electrical Wiring for Transition Home – $amount
    Since our Transition Home works as a “base” of sorts for our ministry in Cameroon, ensuring proper lighting and electricity is vital for the work we do there. Our previous electrical pole was damaged and temporary electrical wiring has been installed for the meantime, but they are only a short-term solution. Donate to help bring the opportunities that electricity provides!

  3. Well and Running Water at Transition Home – $amount
    A well has been dug to help supply convenient access to water for our Transition Home, however the project is not yet complete. What else needs to be done?

  4. Plastic Coverings for Mattresses – $amount
    The children living at our Transition Home sleep on foam mattresses with a plastic covering that helps preserve the cushion from dirt, liquid, etc. Many of these mattress coverings need to be replaced due to normal wear and tear and aging. Donate to help our kids sleep soundly!

  5. Household Needs – varies depending on need
    Whether a child lives at the Transition Home, is placed with a foster family, or lives with a relative household necessities are always a need. Examples of such items include cooking utensils, pots, dishes, soap, sheets, mosquito nets, etc. The specific need will be determined for that household once the funds are available. Donate to help provide a specific need at just the right time!

  6. School Supplies- $amount
    Each year, our children gear up for school around August. Just like children in the U.S. they need school supplies to help ensure a successful academic year such as school uniforms, backpacks, textbooks, exercise books, etc. Donate to help a child start the next school year off on the right foot!

  7. Weed Killer – $amount
    Something as simple as weed killer goes a long way in Cameroon, a country where most of the population live off of produce grown in their farms. Whether a child lives at the Transition Home or with a family, odds are they farm regularly in order to put food on the table. Donate to help kill the weeds trying to choke out the livelihood of the people we serve!
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