Project Christmas Blessing

It’s never to early to get into the Christmas spirit! This is our 3rd year doing Project Christmas Blessing – a time for us to give back to those who have given so generously to God’s children! While the campaign runs primarily during the months of November and December, we want to open it up for you to give throughout the year!

See the impact that was made at our 2nd Annual Project Christmas Blessing!

We love our foster families and know that without them it would not be possible to live out the vision of Shaping Destiny. Our foster parents do not take in orphans in our program because they have the extra funds to feed another mouth or an extra room in their home for another head to sleep, but because they have chosen to say yes to God and yes to loving the fatherless just as He has loved us.

God continues to provide for our foster families through their faithfulness and has graciously used Shaping Destiny to help meet their needs. So, this Christmas we are sharing our gratitude for their lives and for the love that they have given so abundantly by giving them a gift. And we invite you to join in the celebration!

Our hope is to give about 60 foster families a gift package that includes:

  • A large bag of rice (this will provide an average sized family rice for an entire month)
  • Cooking oil
  • Another necessary household item (cooking utensils, cleaning products, etc)

This will cost about $50 per gift package, so we are asking you to join us this Christmas and help give back to those who give so generously all year long! You can choose to donate $50 to cover the cost of one gift package, partner with friends or family and contribute toward the cost of one gift, or give any amount that God lays on your heart.

We believe that giving to others is a huge part of God’s heart; to those we know and love, those we don’t know and to those that are in need. We have a Father that gives abundantly, and we pray that we can give a glimpse of how gracious our God is this Christmas!


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