Sponsor a Child

You have the power to make a difference in the lives of children facing slavery, poverty, and hopelessness. Take on the call to care for the fatherless by helping provide a life of joy, and hope to those who have been abandoned and are in need by becoming a Child Sponsor.

For just $35 a month you can give a child hope, nutrition, medical attention, education, a family who loves them and encourages them to become the best they can be and so much more!

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What Your Support Provides

Family & Support

This occurs through our local Christian foster care program or kinship program.


Your money pays tuition and provides books for our sponsored children.

Medical Care

Your funds provide medical care to all our sponsored children.

Advocacy for Orphans

We advocate for children’s needs to be met using the “asset-based-community development” (ABCD) model.

Discipleship & Missions

Discipleship is an important part of our work. That is why we have missionaries who come to disciple the children in our program.

Food, Clothing & Shelter

to children in the orphanage or transition home

Vocation/Job Training

Some children are more suitable for job training and we help sponsor them through a training program.

Pasionate Orphan Care Workers

We are able to have loving, caring and passionate people helping care for and disciple our children.

Our organization is a missions organization whose mission is to inspire and empower people to shape their destinies. All our staff both in the U.S. and Cameroon are missionaries who dedicate themselves to serve God by making disciples and serving the poor. All the money that Shaping Destiny receives (from general donors and from sponsors) goes into one fund and is used to run the organization. When you donate or sponsor a child, you become part of providing a future filled with hope and joy to a child in need.


Christian Meditation -Ken Acha

When you sign up to become a Child Sponsor you will receive this book as a gift from us. We hope that this will give you a glimpse of our gratitude to have you coming on board in loving and caring for God’s children with us. We pray that this book would bring blessings and encouragement to you and your walk with Christ!


Christian Meditation, Ken Acha