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Mrs. Achoh Esther has been a widow for over 10 years. She got married as the fifth wife to a polygamist man and she struggled to sponsor her children through school. As a result of financial difficulties, most of her children were forced to drop out of school after their elementary education. Although her circumstances caused her to face many challenges, Mrs. Esther Achoh is a born again Christian who stands firm for what she believes. She went through persecution from her husband and other family members when she began going to a Pentecostal church. She was thrown out of her husband’s home and had to rely on the kindness of her brothers and sisters in Christ to survive. When her husband died, she was left behind with eight children. As a farmer, she and her children survive on the crops she harvests. The death of her husband left her unable to feed and care for her family. Some of the inheritance left to her by her husband was taken by the local community. She rented some of her property to a police man who took advantage of her situation and refused to pay his rent. Rejected by her family and manipulated by the community, she had no one to fight for her. Mrs. Achoh’s challenging situation only became worse as she was left vulnerable to public exploitation.

Despite all she has gone through, she was excited to foster a child through Shaping Destiny’s Adoption and Foster Care program. Tiku Daniel Aken has lived happily with her for the past three years. She loves the child and brings him up with Christian values. Even though she is a widow with her own struggles and hardships, she had the passion to care for a child. There have been no problems within the family since she took Daniel into her home. She takes care of the child just as she does her own biological children. When Daniel is sick, she takes him to the hospital and calls Shaping Destiny to come so that they can help pay for the hospital bills. Although Mrs. Achoh is no stranger to need, she still trusts and depends on God to provide for her and her family.

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