We can guide you to start a ministry of your own and grow it successfully

Do you feel that God is calling you to start a ministry that makes disciples and serves the poor? This page is designed to help anyone with a calling to start a ministry that glorifies God.

start a ministry

How can we help you start a ministry? Our solution is a movement. Don’t be afraid, you will not lose your vision or control over your ministry.

Things you need to know before you start a ministry

1) God has given you a vision. But you can’t do it alone.

2) Money is not the problem. If you start your orphanage or discipleship ministry and it fails, it wouldn’t be because of lack of money. Lack of resources is only a symptom of an underlying problem, not a problem itself. When God calls, he will provide.

4) You need people with the same calling. What you need is not just people; you need people who are passionate about the cause; who feel personally called to the same vision as you. You need people whose heart beats as yours does about the cause; people who will do it with you whether they are hungry or well fed. You want people who know that the only reason they are living is to do the kind of work that your ministry is created to do. If you hire people who are not called; who are not passionate and self-motivated, they will come only because of the salary they get or the prestige they get in serving with you. You will spend the rest of your ministry life motivating them. They will suck the life out of you. Don’t do that. Instead, partner with people who have also sensed the call of God the same way you have. Money cannot buy passion or calling. That comes from God. Our job is to seek people who have it. We can’t create it in people.

5) Many people who feel called to serve make the mistake to go solo.  Because many passionate people start their own alone, the people that are often brought to work for these organizations are people who don’t particularly feel called. They may think it’s great work that is worth doing for God but they are there mostly because it’s a job that pays them. Take away the salary, and would they leave. Others are there not because they are paid in cash but because they are paid in other ways that are as good as cash to them. They are  there for the fun and the experience they can put on their resume for the next thing they really want to do.

Having these kind of people is a recipe for problems. Usually,  the founder is so passionate that he will do ministry even when there is no money to pay him. How easy is it to find others to join you and sacrifice for God like that? That’s where  the Shaping Destiny Movement comes in. It brings people together to partner and do ministry and bring glory to God. If God has called you to start a particular ministry, chances are you are not the only one. What if God brought three or four others with the same call and passion who see eye to eye with you to work for his glory? Because they are already called and passionate, you would not need to motivate them. They are also eager to serve. I think God loves to work through a group of equally called people because we can’t take the glory for it because he divides the work among us. No one is the savior of the work. There would still be a leader to guide the work, but others are already called and capable leaders willing to support.

6) Iron sharpens iron. We receive many emails and phone calls from passionate people all over the world who feel called to serve orphans or start a discipleship ministry. Many of them are alone with their passion. They cannot point one or two people around them who will live and die for the same vision that God has given them. But God has people all over the world whom he has called for a similar purpose. It is not only possible but crucial for us who feel called to collaborate and support each other in meaningful ways. Through the Shaping Destiny family, people with a similar vision come together to sharpen one another and then retreat to our separate corners to serve God. This kind of connection and sharing of resources is powerful.

7) There are three key roles that must be filled for any organization to flourish.

For a business or nonprofit to succeed, strong research has shown that you need at least three different key people.

  1. – A person who creates the product or service – this is usually the visionary or founder.
  2. – A person who markets the product or service.
  3. – A person who  manages finances and is good at administration.

* The thing is that no human being can do all these three things by themselves. You can only do one! You must partner with at least two others that have the same vision as you but have different gifts from God  to fulfill the other areas. These people need to be as passionate and called as the leader. Watch this video to see what I mean >>

8) We can work in unity. One of the goals of our family is to bring Christians together who have the same calling but different gifts and abilities so that they can strengthen one another. Our goal is to bring together people who agree that the ultimate purpose of their visions and calling is to glorify God, not to build individual empires for themselves. As such, they are humble enough to learn from the experience of others and also free enough to share what God is teaching them.

The passion of the Shaping Destiny family is to unite God’s people who have a similar calling, similar mind, a similar zeal for God’s glory, a similar desire to serve the poor and make disciples for Christ.

Austin Bible Institute provides training for new members and opportunities for old members to sharpen their skills and use their experience to mentor younger members. We to help train people who share the same vision to go and start their own ministries in different parts of the world and come together to connect with others of the same mind and vision for the purpose of fellowship, strengthening and sharing knowledge, connections, resources so that God may take all the glory.

Our goal is not to exist for the good of any one member organization but for all the partner organizations. We will exist for the good of God’s glory so that individual and ministry members will be strengthened to pursue their vision of serving God by serving orphans and sharing Christ.

If you share this heart and are interested to know how to start a ministry of your own ,we really want to help you start the ministry.

If that’s you, then click here to learn more on how we can help you to start a ministry that glorifies God.