003 Top 10 Things God did In 2011

Posted on Mar 6, 2012 in Podcast

003 Top 10 Things God did In 2011

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In 2011, God did many amazing things for our Shaping Destiny family. In this podcast, Dr. Christen LeBlanc, his wife Laura, their two adopted Kids Jude and Halle, and my wife Ellen join me to discuss the top ten things God did for Shaping Destiny in 2011.

This is a must listen podcast! Even if you have never listened to any of my podcasts, you don’t want to miss this one!

Show Outline

1) ORPHANAGE BUILDING: We built a one-story orphanage in Cameroon that cost $150,000 plus and paid it cash! No loans!

2) Missionary Building

3) Revival at Shaping Destiny Cameroon.

4) Bran new foster care program.

5) LeBlanc Adoption: Our first case of adoptions ever!

6) Served 500 new children in 2011

7) Expansion to Nkambe and Haiti.

8) Growth among the children.
Spiritual: Hospital ministry
Academic: SD children won scholarships.
Socially: Uniforms—Sheila’s suggestion…
God’s protection: No child dead (Amanda died b4 she became our child).

9) Testimonies from 2012:  Multiple amazing testimonies.

10) Commitment of Shaping Destiny community members.



God bless

Kenneth Acha, MD