Vision Statement

Our Vision

We have a dream that God is transforming us into a bridge that He is using to move the poor from a life of hopelessness to a life of hope, faith, and love in Christ; We see that God has and is continuing to build out of us this bridge that he uses to move many poor people to their promise land; We are the building blocks and Christ the pillars with which God has built and continues to build to perfection bridge of hope to the lost and the poor.

In our dream, we see a vast crowd (too great to count) of the fatherless, the poor, and the lost who have crossed this bridge and are now walking in loving intimate relationship with God. We see God meeting their physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs–wiping away their tears, and turning their mourning into dancing. We see their shyness and low self-esteem replaced by confidence in God. We see them growing into passionate and well trained believers who are fulfilling their individual callings, serving God in different vocations, and advancing the Kingdom of God. We see some starting their own families and others restoring their own, beginning future generations of people who love God. We see them investing and transforming their communities, using their life stories to encourage others. We see them having a passion for Christ and his purposes in the world.

In our dream, we are exemplifying faith, hope, love, prayer, and commitment to Christ; We are giving up our lives as soldiers serving our heavenly country to rescue lost and needy citizens—loving them as God loves us; We are caring for them as God wants us to care for ourselves and our own children; We see sponsors, orphans, missionaries, and new and old believers growing and being mutually transformed by a love for God and for each other. In our dream, we are rising up and living the true meaning of:
1) “Love your neighbor as yourself”; 2) “You must love each other as I have loved you”; 3) “Anyone wanting to be the greatest must be the least—the servant of all”; and 4) “we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters”.

In our dream, we are providing discipleship, education and training, medical care, guidance, and other necessities to help the poor become independent and productive god-loving citizens. We are restoring broken families and creating new families where none exist. We are providing a family for every child even those that have no family who wants them.

In our dream, we are  providing the highest standards of care for every child and encouraging others to do the same. We are using best practices to alleviate poverty.

In our dream, we are participating with God in a global exodus of orphans from “Egypt” to their “promise land” so that they may worship God (Exodus 8:1).

In our dream, our eyes have been opened to see how God is always at work around us seeking and saving the lost. And we are fully participating with God and following the leadership of the Holy Spirit to seek and win the lost. We see God working in and through us making reproducing disciples who are fully devoted to Christ and passionate about his purposes in the world.

In our dream, the Lord of the harvest is working in and through us, attracting, training, empowering, and sending out workers into his harvest field to make disciples and serve the poor.