About Shaping Destiny

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Who We Are:

Shaping Destiny is an international group of people from many backgrounds, cultures and Christian traditions, dedicated to serving Christ by working with local churches to help them make disciples and serve the poor. Our mission is to rely on the Holy Spirit to inspire and equip people in the local church to Make Disciples and Serve the Poor.

In 2005, we started serving only three orphans. Since then, the Shaping Destiny has served thousands of children in Cameroon. Orphans get education and job training, clothing assistance, medical assistance, mentoring and counseling, housing at the orphanage or with foster parent or guardian.

Our members are people (both local & international) who have a passion for making disciples and serving the poor.  We train and equip these people as missionaries to follow their passion to serve the poor and disciple people around the world. We equip them to start their own bases or join existing bases to pursue their passion. Through our bases, we provide education, food, clothing, shelter, mentoring, hope, medical care, and emotional and spiritual help to underprivileged children while also sharing Christ with them and others in their communities. We serve as a bridge that God uses to move orphans from a life of hopelessness, poverty, and slavery to a life of hope, joy & a bright future.

We have a decentralized structure that encourages new vision and the exploration of new ways to change lives through training and evaluation to share Christ & serve the poor. 


Our Vision

To be a bridge that God uses to move the materially & spiritually poor from a life of hopelessness to a life of joy and hope in Christ.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to rely on the Holy Spirit to inspire and equip people through the local church to Make Disciples and Serve the Poor.

Join SD:

Give monthly to help meet the basic needs of orphans