004 Visit Africa : Visit to Cameroon

Posted on Jul 15, 2012 in Podcast

004 Visit Africa : Visit to Cameroon

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Getting what I needed.




Health Insurance

Preparation for the trip.

Getting Airline ticket

Luggage weight and size limits.

Donated quilts from Quilts Beyond Borders. http://quiltsbeyondborders.wordpress.com

Suction bags from Wal-Mart to reduce space.

I withdrew some cash to hold with me, just a few hundred dollars.

Credit Card works in Cameroon, 45 minutes drive from our center, so I took my credit card and actually used it while I was there.

The Discussion

I have the most profound discussion with my wife before I leave.

Flight Route

Austin to Atlanta
Atlanta to Paris
Paris to Douala in Cameroon.

From Douala to the Center.

Douala to Bamenda city
Bamenda to Batibo
Surprise visit to the center

This was an amazing journey. Listen to the Podcast and share it. Part 2 and 3 coming soon.